Sven Aluste, M.Eng.

inventor, engineer, trainer, natural builder

Sven has been the most knowledgeable and experienced guide on my journey in natural construction at Loodusehituse Akadeemia. His expertise and genuine approach have made him an invaluable advisor and life stylist for me.



The humorous undertone and construction with natural materials touched me deeply. there is more going on than we can expect!


participant on the workshop

Sven can lead a herd. He has been there from the beginning, creating a sense of security for every participant. At Loodusehituse Akadeemia, we value Sven’s expertise and talent for ensuring a safe and reliable experience for all.


Architekt, Straw chaple 2022

Sven Aluste

Natural builder and trainer with 20-years of experience

“I developed an interest in natural construction from a young age, as I gathered branches in the forest and used them to build roofs over hollows. The passion grew deeper as I worked alongside my grandfather, removing nails from greenhouse boards and constructing boat sheds.

After pursuing studies in telecommunications in the city (earning a bachelor’s and master’s degree), I found myself once again drawn to old log buildings and curved walls.

In 2002, I began constructing my first log cabin with the guidance of a skilled master. In 2005, I delved into the world of straw and clay buildings during my travels through European eco-villages.

At Hobukooli Park, The Park of Natural Living and Learning I have built various structures using straw, clay, and reclaimed logs. These include small straw bale constructions as well as two larger buildings made with jumbo bales. For the majority of the clay work (both construction and finishing), I have utilized raw Estonian soil. However, for finer finishes, I incorporate UKU Pure Earth plaster mixes.

In addition to my domestic education, I have pursued training in Germany (Sieben Linden Ökodorf and Wangelin), Belgium (Straw bale construction in Riemst), Scotland (EDE course at Findhorn in 2006, EcoKit project 2012-2015), Czech Republic (Straw bale construction in 2010), Bulgaria (Permaculture in 2010), Lithuania (Straw bale construction in 2007), Italy (Japanese clay plaster in Milan in 2016), France (Clay construction in Amaco, Lyon in 2017 and 2019), Sweden (Permaculture in 2016 and 2023), and Austria (Straw bale construction in Ravelsbach in 2019).

My dedication to promoting sustainable living has led me to work as a trainer at Gaia Academy and Eestimaaehituse Kompetentsikeskus in Mooste. I also collaborate with universities and other educational institutions.

Since November 2023, I have been a member of the board of the Estonian Environmental Education Association and Eestimaaehitus NGO.”

ECVET certificates on clay plastering and fine finish techniques:

  • Unit D – Interior Design
  • Unit O – Decorative Techniques
  • Unit M – From Raw Material To Earth Mix

ECVET certificates on the straw building:

  • Unit 2 – Infill & Prefab
  • Unit 4 – Wrapping
  • Unit 5 – Finishes

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