clay plastering course

How do you create a healthy inner climate and a beautiful interior? What are the proper and energy-efficient materials?

Need extra knowledge?

“I also want my clay house! This material just absorbs you especially when you already touched it! It’s meditative and plastic!”

Evelin, a participant in a previous clay plastering course – 



In the old town of Kuressaare on the island Saaremaa, the young family has made a goal to renovate their new home with natural materials. They are using straw boards, multipor blocks, lime plaster, clay plaster, and natural paints.

The course begins in February (first 2 days) with different base materials, preparation works for plastering, and applying the first brown coat of clay plaster.

In the second stage, in March (next 2 days), we create second coats with the reinforced clay plaster and we also finish off the walls with the last coat.

The whole course duration is 4 days!


This hands-on course is for You if You want to get experience, how to:

  • create a beautiful space with an excellent indoor climate
  • renovate the existing house with the natural materials
  • install the reed mats and prepare the walls for the plastering
  • properly use the right plastering tools in different work stages
  • plaster with the clay like a master!

Kuressaare, Saaremaa, Estonia

February 24. to 25.

March 16. to 17.

2 days €250

4 days €450

(You can also pay in 3 parts with the 0% interest and no extra costs.)

Why choose clay plaster?

Discover the benefits of clay plaster at Loodusehituse Akadeemia. Experience its simplicity, aesthetic appeal, and eco-friendly nature. Clay plaster is an excellent choice for sustainable construction, providing a natural and healthy living environment. Enhance your space with the beauty and functionality of clay plaster.

  • It regulates the relative humidity of the air, and it also regulates the temperature

  • It stores heat in the winter and stays cool in summer (in Nordic countries)

  • It absorbs eco in the room

  • It’s anti-static and blocks the mold

  • It blocks the electromagnetic waves

  • It can be used in wet and dry spaces

  • It’s reusable and friendly material, during the construction process and the lifespan of the house

In this video you can see the summary of the similar stages of the clay plastering course in 2023.



with the experienced trainer Sven Aluste

At Loodusehituseakadeemia, we provide everything you need to practice applying reed mats and plaster with clay on various surfaces. Our participation includes all the necessary materials and tools, ensuring a seamless learning experience for beginners.

*The price per course day is the price you would normally pay for the master for work on one square meter!

Don’t hesitate to ask any questions you may have!

(1 weekend) 2 days €250

Discount is valid till the end of January €225

(Both weekends) 4 days €450

Discount is valid till the end of January €410

You can pay also in 3 equal amounts without any extra taxes! 0% interest. 0€ extra. Just pay later! You will find this option under the name ESTO in the checkout.

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Here is another clip from a previous clay plastering course with similar elements we are practicing also this time. Enjoy!

“The course that Sven gave was diverse, I didn’t get tired not mentally nor physically.

Fully doable!”

– Hannes, participant of the course – 

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